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Game is just at the target line of prototype and before Christmas goes into closed Alpha dev. In this phase we will add all missing planned elements. For more info about planned final game, see World Wide Hack pages.


Hi! My name is Peter Pač and I am programming and computer enthusiastic. I am focusing mainly on online projects by living (custom webs development, server tools and server management) and simulations during study and now as hobby (robotics, AI, game simulations). All this is what I love to do for both work and relax, already for more then 13 years.

As I was finding how I can connect all this things together and make it enjoyable to myself and bring also something to others, I find I miss some great game in hacking simulations.

Every game from this genre I played was missing something. Like missing multiplayer or complexity, too complicated for wider game base or without long term drive, missing story, etc..

Of course, I came up with idea to create my own game. Starting with attempt to create desktop OS simulator on instruction level - too complex. Then I decided to try to write it as simulation ignoring instruction level. But it had still too complicated architecture to handle in multiplayer world. After half year of work during which nearly no-one saw output I though: "How about create from all this just simple online prototype to see what people thinks?".

That desicion illuminated me. Why I was working on simulation which nearly no one will appreciate or even be able to understand? And on top of that why trying to make it on desktop fighting with python GUI, when I am expert on PHP. So here we are - with PHP based online game running also on desktop where I could finally focus on player experience instead of time consuming architecture or programming challenges.

I believe, I will bring to you game, which will fulfill most of your needs you felt about terminal-based simulation games. It fulfilled mine :) (and don't forget, this is just prototype)


Music by Eric Matyas -

Texture Dark Mosaic by John Burks -

Font White Rabbit by Matthew Welch -